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Furniture that helps you fight infection in healthcare spaces.

Furniture that helps you fight infection

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HTM71 Furniture

What is HTM71?

HTM71 (Health Technical Memoranda 71) sets out guidance for design teams and specifiers on the use of modular storage systems in health buildings. The document underscores the principles of Materials Management as is widely support within the NHS.

HTM71 addresses the need for more efficient and cost-effective management of healthcare furniture in NHS facilities. It provides broad guidance on modular storage systems as an alternative to other furniture systems but highlights the importance of both, recommending careful consideration to determine the most appropriate system for a particular situation.


HTM71 document

What are the key design principles of HTM71 furniture?

  • Section 2.1 states “Modular storage systems are support systems either cupboard carcase units, open shelving or mobile trolleys designed to contain modular sized storage inserts of carrying types and sizes.”
  • Most common systems are based on the ISO module for storage and use inserts of 600 x 400mm.
  • The core range as detailed in section 4.2 indicates that cabinets tend to come in two depths enabling them to receive, 400mm or 600mm deep inserts.
  • Shelving and trolley depths can differ, consult the HTM for detailed listing of recommended depths, widths and heights.
  • Doors can be provided for HTM71 furniture, though in secure rooms or areas under staff supervision doors are not always necessary unless for hygiene purposes.
  • Consideration of physical access, loads and traffic should be addressed during spatial design to increase functionality and reduce risk of injury. (See sections 5.2 & 5.3)
HTM71 furniture displaying baskets

What information does the HTM provide regarding dimensions?

HTM63 outlines best practice for dimensions of fitted furniture including the worktops (laminate, stainless steel, or linoleum) as well as cabinet carcases

The guidance recommends standard height for 120mm for HTM63 worktops and a depth of 350mm, 550mm or 650mm.

Cupboards are advised as being a standard width of 500mm or 1000mm(for a double unit) with a height of 350mm or 550mm and a depth of 300mm or 450mm.

Other sizes are detailed within the HTM including dimensions for tall cupboards, wardrobes and other components.

Hygenius have a complete Revit Family available upon request which includes the complete suite of HTM63 Furniture.

HTM71 illustration