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Furniture that helps you fight infection in healthcare spaces.

Furniture that helps you fight infection

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Hygenius in Primary Care

Fighting infection, delivering Care. How we help you to succeed.

Primary Care.
The Infection Front Line.

High patient traffic in these settings increases risk for professionals, staff and visitors alike.

Hygenius furniture and space designs help you to reduce this risk by supporting safe working practices and eliminating dirt traps to aid rigorous, effective cleaning.

Durability is another Hygenius advantage. Furniture and fittings stand up to the hardest use and sustain their infection-control performance for years.

When you involve Hygenius at an early stage in your Primary Care project, you will deliver a more effective design and a safer end result.

Initial layouts are free of charge and our guidance and best practice advice may help refine your thinking and improve proposals.

Details that make the difference.

Click on the hotspots to see how this Hygenius installation helps you fight infection, making places and people safer.

Hygenius HTM installation

Details that make the difference.

Click on the hotspots to see how this Hygenius installation helps you fight infection, making places and people safer.

Anti-Tip Shelf Retainer

Featuring anti-tip shelves, Hygenius ensures that units are secure for the storage of items and reduces the risk of products falling or dropping on staff. Anti-Tip shelves are a simple yet effective tool to ensure shelves do not tip as items are pulled to the front or pushed to the rear. There are also fewer shelf-adjustment holes to trap dirt.

One-Piece Slopping Top

Hygenius includes complete offsite manufactured one-piece slopping tops, reducing inaccessible or hard ro reach dirt traps on top of HTM wall units. Sloping tops reduce the risk of infection by minimising dust collection and providing an easy to clean surface.

Solid Top to Units

Hygenius units are complete with solid top panels, rather than common exposed substrates. This means that the top of the unit is a complete panel, reducing the risk of bacteria reservoirs by closing off exposed substrate surfaces and unnecessary 90 degree angles. Solid tops improve cleanability of units as the entire upper surface can be easily wiped. Wall units have an internal depth of 325mm to enable storage of A4 files.

Enclosed Drawer Boxes & Mechanisms

Drawers and mechanisms are fully enclosed with the Hygenius system. This reduces infection risk by designing out inaccessible spaces within the rail system and providing a coved side to the internal drawer. This makes the drawers simple and easy to clean.

Wall Unit Glove Dispenser

Optional glove dispensing designs can be incorporated within the Hygenius wall units. This dispenser is a simple aluminium frame feature incorporated into a wall unit, sitting flush alongside the surrounding wall unit bases, offering easy hygenic access to PPE. Additional stocks can be stored tidyly within the shelves directly above.

Easy Clean Handle

The handles on Hygenius furniture take into account infection prevention and spread. Handles are easy to clean, wipeable designs that eliminate inaccessible angles commonly seen in most handles. Handles are one of the most touched surfaces in a healthcare space and should be designed in the most infection intelligent way, to reduce bacteria reservoirs and infection risk.

Adjustable Legs

Hygenius features adjustable fixed ABS legs on its units, enabling alignment and levelling across runs of cabinetry. Units are not fixed directly into the floor enabling future reconfigurations and adjustments. Adjustable legs are then enclosed with a plastic plinth

Multi-Colour Work Surface

The seamless work surface is available in grey and white. Grey work surfaces are ideal for drug dispensing as the contrasting colour makes any dropped pills clearly visible.

Water-Resistant Plinths

Hygenius laminated plinths are clipped directly to the adjustable feet for easy install and maintenance. These plinths don’t rot with repeated floor cleaning and they’re sealed to the floor, so dirty water can’t leak underneath the cabinet. Alternatively, vinyl can be coved up the front.

Wipeable Hinges

Hinges are a key area for potential bacteria reservoirs and infection risk. Hygenius features an enclosed and wipeable hinge design that facilitates easy cleaning and reduces infection risk by designing out inaccessible spaces. The Hygenius hinges also incorporate soft-close technology.

Stainless Steel Sink Unit

Sink outlets are offset to prevent splashing of contaminated liquid, helping to reduce infection risk. Stainless steel sink units provide a robust and easy clean solution for clean and dirty utilities. The stainless steel sink top features uniquely designed sloping surfaces to prevent any puddling of waste water and harbouring of germs.

Waterfall Edge

The solid surface counter top available for Hygenius features a waterfall edge detail designed specifically to reduce infection risk caused by spills of fluid or bloods. This edge detail stops liquids from being tracked through a primary space after dripping down the front of a traditional bullnose worktop and onto the floor.

Tall HTM Units

Tall units are also available as part of the Hygenius package as either HTM63 or HTM71, available with adjustable shelves, support wall or tonk strip for other HTM71 accessories.

Solid Surface Upstand to Rear

The rear upstand of Hygenius solid surface work top is an integrated upstand providing a seamless coved back for easy cleaning, with no seams to trap bacteria. Hygenius work surfaces are moulded within a machine reducing workmanship error and providing this seamless design while reducing costs typically associated with solid surfaces

“They were very responsive, helpful and adaptable to suit changing needs during the fit-out phase. We would have no hesitation in recommending Hygenius.”

David VickerstaffSenior Associate Architect – Bailey Partnership

“Hygenius were lovely to work with and made sure they listened to our requirements so that the designs were absolutely spot on!”

Rhonda WalkerProject Lead – NHS Orkney

“Hygenius (then WorkSpace Design) are a breath of fresh air in the building industry”

Project ManagerProject Manager – ISG

“The level of ability of the WorkSpace install gang was outstanding, with installation tolerances easily exceeding those required by British Standards. They were also able to manufacture joinery elements on site – a rare ability in the current age. I will definitely look to work with them again.”

Steve Walford – Kier Construction

How we work to fight infection


Designing for easy cleaning

Anticipating spillage/liquid microbial transfer

Enabling non-contaminating working practices

Consulting users at every stage


Building for durability

Designing-out inaccessible spaces

Eliminating rough surfaces that support


Innovating through design

Using antimicrobial materials and

Integrating sanitation solutions

Supporting your fight against infection from the earliest stages of project design.

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