Modern primary care for a growing community

The new Health Centre for Edenbridge brings a much-needed upgrade, replacing the outdated facilities of Edenbridge Medical Practice and Edenbridge Memorial Hospital that were no longer fit for purpose.

The 2,180 sqm Edenbridge Memorial Health Centre has been designed by LSI Architects to meet the escalating healthcare demands of Edenbridge’s growing population. A forward-thinking response to the pressing need for expanded and improved healthcare services.

Serving as an integrated hub, the facility will offer essential treatment facilities. This includes GP services, day care facilities, minor procedures, and a spectrum of health, social, and community services.

Setting new benchmarks in integrated healthcare

The low-rise building uses a simple palette of materials and components on the exterior to create a non-institutional healthcare building. Once inside, the hub promotes a sense of wellbeing through the use of natural finishes and views to a central courtyard garden. Skylights allow natural light to flood the building, bringing in fresh air and daylight throughout.

Partnering with Galliford Try and LSI Architects, Hygenius led the delivery of a compliant healthcare fitted furniture (FF&E) package. This strategic collaboration helps equip the Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust to combat infections effectively. This provides a robust defence to protect both staff and patients throughout the built environment.

Addressing the Challenges of Primary Healthcare

In the dynamic landscape of primary healthcare, challenges like high patient traffic create unique demands.

Our healthcare fitted furniture systems for primary care environments are designed to address these complexities, supporting safe working practices and helping staff fight infection.

Details make the difference.

High patient traffic in these settings increases risk for professionals, staff and visitors alike. To find out how our furniture is designed to help fight infection, visit our Primary Care page. Learn more

Photography Credits: Galliford Try